What began as a side hobby after acquiring some honey bee colonies in 2008, and it turned out to become a passion. Our ambition and determination set the stage for the Bee Natural Honey Inc. name to have quality honey production. After learning the basics of beekeeping, we went on a quest for knowledge to learn more about the trade by attending a local Bee Club, Collin County Hobbyist Beekeeper Association.

Bee Natural Honey is family owned and operated. We believe in doing all our own beekeeping so that we can provide you and your family with the many benefits found in raw honey. We produce and bottle all our honey. We are located east of McKinney, TX.

We also started learning how we could use the beeswax in soaps, lotions and lip balm that I hand make. Here at Bee Natural Honey Inc we want to make the best that soaps, lotions and lip balm has to offer and give you an option to use a better and healthier personal care products that is natural, simple and honest.

Our mission is for you and your family to Bee Natural, to Bee Healthy.