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    Handmade Soaps with Essential Oils & Fragrance Oils

    4.87 oz / Bar

    All soaps are not the same. It’s not the same on the surface, it has different smells, different shapes, comes in liquid, powder and hard form. But the main difference of course is the inside. All those “soaps” have different chemical formula and different properties. They are manufactured differently and different ingredients are used.

    Would you be surprised to find out that the detergent to wash your clothes is no different than your hand bar soap? So the question is how natural soap bar is different from a regular commercially made bar of soap.

    The truth is that bar soaps that are bought in the supermarkets is closer to the powder detergent than to traditional soap. With technological advance modern cleaning agents surpassed traditional soap in ability to remove oil and dirt. They are also less expensive to produce in large amounts. It may sound like new commercial soap being better, less expensive, more colorful and smell better is just an improvement overall compared to traditional soap that your grandmother used to use. But that is not true. Driven by profits in mass markets commercial soap industry reduces the cost of soap disregarding some of the essential aspects and effects of using soaps on your skin every day.

    Have you noticed a TV ad about soap that won’t dry your skin, and how they have added lotion and crème to the soap to keep your skin moist? Doesn’t it sound like their own admission that soap dries your skin? They don’t tell you that in modern soap making glycerin that acts as moisturizer in soap are removed from the soap and sold separately to be included in the more expensive beauty products to increase profits.

    Natural homemade soaps keep all the good stuff including the glycerin and nonsaponified oils to moisturize your skin naturally. There are also no other harsh chemicals added to create smell and longevity of the soap. You will not find such things as parabens (linked to breast cancer), sodium lauryl sulfate (skin irritant) in natural soap. But you would find them in almost all soap bars commercially produced.

    Smaller companies producing soap traditionally can’t compete with marketing budgets of giant corporations selling soaps products. With year’s public was using more and more of affordable colorful and easy to use products that is found more often link to contact dermatitis skin irritation. We as consumers continue to purchase inferior product despite the damage to our health.

    Most people take soap for granted. They think that as long as the soap keeps you clean from dirt and bacteria it’s fine and there is not much to it. But there is so much more going on in one of the most often repeated ritual we all do every day, using soap and cleansing products. Think about it. How many times a day do you use soap?

    How much soap do you use a month? Now think about this. Human skin is the largest organ in the body and skin is virtually a breathing barrier that protects your body from environment, but it also absorbs and releases things from outside the body. We normally don’t think how careful we should be about applying various chemicals found in commercial soaps to our skin especially taking in to consideration that we could be doing it every single day or several times a daily.

    It does not matter how well you rise, not 100 percent of the soap is always washed away. There are still small amounts of soap left on our skin even after we leave the shower.

    Next time when you go to your shower think about the diet that you have your skink on. Is it healthy, or is it more like junk-food full of chemicals, preservative and potentially dangerous things that can accumulate with years of use?

    Obviously natural and especially organic natural soaps will feed your skin natural ingredients and if it will leave any traces behind, they will be very mild and natural. Natural soap doesn’t just leave your skin with a great feeling, it’s also a great peace of mind for you and your family.

    Here at Bee Natural Honey Inc our mission is to keep the best that the soap has to offer and give you an option to use a better and healthier soap that is natural, simple and honest.


    **PLEASE NOTE: I make all my soaps myself so in the event a product you ordered is sold out, I will offer an alternative…or refund the product.
    Thanks for your patience!
    My soaps are approximately 3.25” long x 2.15” wide x 1” thick

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